Chemical Pumps FCN

Design and features

FCN series are single stage centrifugal pumps with hydraulically balanced impeller, volute casing with end suction and top discharge and shaft with mechanical seal. These pumps are designed as per ISO 2858-ISO 5199. The UNI 2223/29 PN 16 flanges are used for standard construction and on request according to ANSI 150 RF.

Chemical pump FCN


DN, mm: Up to 300

Flow: Up to 1400 m3/hr (6100 USgpm)

Head: Up to 140 m (450 ft)

Pressure: Up to PN16

Liquid Temperature: -50 ˚C up to 250 ˚C (480 F)

Speed: Up to 3500 rpm

Maximum operating pressure: 20 bar

  • Water supply
  • Water treatment
  • Hot water circulation
  • District heating
  • Cooling water supply
  • General industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Coolant filtration

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