Monoblock Pumps FST

Design and features

FST series are Single-stage end suction centrifugal pumps in compliance with EN 733 / DIN24255) and UNI 7467. Flanges are in compliance with DIN 2532. Impeller, control valve and motor can be removed without dismantling the pump body from the pipes. Mechanical seal is in compliance with DIN 24960.

Monoblock pump FST


DN, mm: 32-100

Flow: Up to 220 m3/hr (950 USgpm)

Head: Up to 95 m (310 ft)

Liquid temperature: Up to 85 deg ˚C (185 F)

Speed: 2900 rpm & 3600 rpm

Maximum operating pressure: 12 bar (PN12)

  • Circulation and transfer of clean, chemically non-aggressive water and other clear liquids
  • Water supply & irrigation
  • Water circulation in airconditioning systems (HVAC)
  • Booster, Transfer and Fire services

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