Multistage Pumps FMS

Design and features

FMS Series pumps are radially split multistage pumps. These pumps are ring sectional held together with tie tods. They have a modular design based on different pressure ranges used for wide range of applications mainly for clean and slightly contaminated liquids. These pumps can also be offered in vertical orientation when space is a constraint.

Multistage pump FMS


DN, mm: 40 up to 250

Flow: Up to 850 m3/hr (3700 USgpm)

Head: Up to 640 m (2100 ft)

Pressure: PN16 up to PN40

Liquid Temperature: Up to 120 ˚C (248 F)

Speed: Up to 3600 rpm

Maximum operating pressure: Up to 63 bar

  • Fire Fighting
  • Industrial Plants
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Municipal Water Supply
  • Pressure Boosting Systems
  • Boiler Feed Water

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